Our Products

1. Powder Activated Carbon

We offer superior quality Activated Carbon Powder that is being manufactured from PINE WOOD only by 'Acid Wash' process through steam activation. PINE WOOD based charcoal is soft, has a high degree of porosity, high purity and therefore gives better results as compared to other forms of carbons.

Types of Activated Carbon Powder

(1) WASHED ACTIVATED CARBON POWDER - Washed Activated Carbon contains less Iron, Ash, Acid soluble matter & Water-soluble matter. It passes through I.P., B.P., & U.S.P. parameters. So, it is quite suitable for Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drug Industries.

(2) UNWASHED ACTIVATED CARBON POWDER - Unwashed Activated Carbon contains high Iron, Ash, Acid soluble matter & Water soluble matter compared to washed activated carbon. So, it is quite suitable for Chemicals, Dyes & Intermediate Industries.

2. Granular Activated Carbon

Granular Activated Carbon is produced from any carbonaceous material like Eucalyptus, Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Coal, wood, Lignite and Coconut Shell. But, OUR GRANULAR ACTIVATED CARBON IS MANUFACTURED FROM COCONUT SHELL ONLY. So, it is hard compared with other carbon & has a higher surface area. COCONUT SHELL based Granular Activated Carbon gives more adsorption capacity due to its micro purpose structure and superior hardness.


• Effluent Treatment Plant.
• Waste Water Treatment for Reduction in the level of BOD & COD
• Catalyst in Chemical-Metallurgical Industries & Petroleum Refineries
• Swimming Pools & Soft Drink Plant For De-Chlorination
• Purification Of Drinking Water & Industrial Gas
• Solvent & Gold Recovery
• Absorption Of Dissolved Organic Matter
• Water And Gas Mask Filters
• Breweries & Distilleries

3. Pellets Activated Carbon

A PALLETIZED ACTIVATED CARBON made from selected grades of coconut shell charcoal. The combination of high activity level and selective transport and adsorption pores accommodates adsorbents of varied molecular size. This activated carbon also contains the high energy adsorption pores which are vital to attaining ultra removal of Low molecular weight volatile organic compounds. The physical properties provide resistance to attrition and minimal pressure drop


• Food preservatives, keeping nitrogen and removing oxygen. Also used as smell adsorption in refrigerators.
• Air pollution prevention, removing the hazardous materials and odors in gases.
• Cigar filters, canisters, air filtration, gas refining.

4. Silver Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon

We can offer Silver Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon in various Concentrated Silver i.e 0.2% , 0.5% and 1.0% of Silver Metal respectively & Iodine value of 800 and 1000.


• Removes Colour ,Taste & Odour from Water. It avoids Bacterial Growth in Carbon Beds. It protects the Filters and Cartridges from being contaminated and extends the life of ION-Exchange Beds.