Welcome to Jain Carbon Industries (U.P.)

Jain Carbon is a Leading Manufacturer of Activated Carbon, Activated Charcoal & Carbon Black of almost all specifications, used in application for Purification and Decolourising during Productions. It is also one of the Largest Supplier of Activated Carbon, Activated Charcoal & Carbon Black to a Large number of Government, Private and Multinational Companies across India. Its Quality and Prices are comparable to the Best in the World.

A PALLETIZED ACTIVATED CARBON made from selected grades of coconut shell charcoal. The combination of high activity level and selective transport and adsorption pores accommodates adsorbents of varied molecular size. This activated carbon also contains the high energy adsorption pores which are vital to attaining ultra removal of Low molecular weight volatile organic compounds. The physical properties provide resistance to attrition and minimal pressure drop.

Granular Activated Carbon is produced from any carbonaceous material like Eucalyptus, Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Coal, wood, Lignite and Coconut Shell. But, OUR GRANULAR ACTIVATED CARBON IS MANUFACTURED FROM COCONUT SHELL ONLY. So, it is hard compared with other carbon & has a higher surface area. COCONUT SHELL based Granular Activated Carbon gives more adsorption capacity due to its micro purpose structure and superior hardness.


Strict Quality Control is maintained by Qualified and Experienced staff. Every Batch is rigorously tested and only on complete satisfaction the Material is Dispatched. All tests are done as per ISI, IP, BP, USP and ASTM Standards. However Tests can be done as per any other Standards as required. Over the year Jain Carbon Industries has developed its own grades of Activated Carbon through Constant R & D, Tailormade for Clients requirements.